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Do you have a question about how to do something or need more information about a topic? This toolkit will quickly point you to the resources you need to help you perform your role in the Insider Threat field. More Industry Insider Threat Information and Resources information are available at external link icon. Select a category below to start accessing resources.

National Insider Threat Awareness Month 2021

The National Insider Threat Awareness Month (NITAM) 2021 website will help you identify a variety of activities and engagements available to your organization.

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Other than the required annual training, what can I do to keep the Vigilance message fresh? Instilling a sense of vigilance in the general workforce is a basic tenet of establishing an insider threat program. Annual awareness training is a start, but the message can diminish over time. Developing a vigilance campaign for your organization is an effective solution. Deploying regular messaging, awareness, and communications materials ensures that the general workforce is prepared to recognize and respond to the insider threat. The campaign can also serve as an introduction to your Insider Threat Program ensuring that everyone knows whom to report to and feels comfortable doing so.

Insider Threat Sentry App Now Available

The Insider Threat Sentry mobile app is finally here! Made with the vigilant user in mind, it allows you to download posters, play vigilance learning games, watch videos, and find the toolkit items you need to promote awareness all year long. Insider Threat Sentry is available in the app store for Android and iOS. Learn more about app features and what you can expect at - icon

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Kinetic violence incidents are tragic, often unpredictable and evolve quickly. There are a number of kinetic violence resources, and this toolkit tab is one of them -- to help organizations and their workforces understand kinetic violence, what to look for and report with regard to indicators and behaviors, and how to respond in the event of an active shooter incident or other workplace violence event. Click on the links below to learn more.

What to Know

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How to Respond

The Defense Personnel and Security Research Center (PERSEREC) is committed to improving the efficiency, effectiveness, and fairness of the DOD personnel security and suitability programs. In furtherance of this mission, PERSEREC established The Threat Lab in 2018 to realize the DOD Counter-Insider Threat Program Director's vision to integrate the social and behavioral sciences into the mission space.

For more information about PERSEREC, please email For more information about The Threat Lab, please email CDSE provides links to PERSEREC and Threat Lab products to promote the applied use of research outcomes in the insider threat community.


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Deadlines and Deliverables Card Game

Deadlines and Deliverables is designed to help you and your team learn the value of resilience while you navigate tough challenges, complex tasks and demanding timelines as a team. Start by watching the short introductory video, consult the instruction manual and then print out the cards to play!


Adversity is a fact of life. There are times when we all struggle with issues at home and work. For some, these periods of stress can increase risks associated with insider threats. Individuals may be more vulnerable to targeting and recruitment by foreign intelligence entities, and they may also be more likely to travel down the critical pathway towards negative events. Individual Resilience is that inexpressible quality that allows some people to be knocked down by life and come back at least as strong as before. It helps individuals harden the target and develop behaviors, thoughts, and actions that promote personal wellbeing and mental health. Insider Threat programs promote personal resilience to mitigate risks associated with insider threats. Click on the links below to learn more.

Understanding Resilience

Best Practices

Stories of Resilience

An insider threat to critical infrastructure is an individual with the access or inside knowledge of a company, organization, or enterprise that would allow them to exploit the vulnerabilities of that entity’s security, systems, services, products, or facilities with the intent to cause harm. Critical infrastructure-level threats affect critical infrastructure services delivery, the national economic backbone, and public health and safety.

These resources are designed to support International Military Student Officers (IMSO) and other faculty and staff at facilities or installations hosting International Military Students (IMS). The goal of providing these resources is to help IMSO and international military student officers, faculty and staff understand what an insider threat risk is, what behaviors to look for, who to notify if they feel an insider threat is possible, and how to react if an insider threat situation escalates.

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