Developing a Multidisciplinary Insider Threat Capability INT201.16

Description: The "Developing a Multidisciplinary Insider Threat Capability" course equips Insider Threat Program Management personnel with the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to assemble a multidisciplinary insider threat team of subject matter experts capable of monitoring, analyzing, reporting, and responding to insider threat incidents. The course includes an overview of security, law enforcement, human resource, behavioral science, counterintelligence, and cybersecurity disciplines and addresses requirements for establishing a collaborative environment and the benefits each group brings to an effective program. This training is in compliance with DOD Directive 5205.16, The DOD Insider Threat Program, Enclosure 2 (Responsibilities).

Course Resources: Access this course's resources

Learning Objectives: After completing this course, learners will be able to:

  • Create a multidisciplinary capability for an effective Insider Threat Program
  • State the purpose and goals of a multidisciplinary insider threat capability
  • Identify the mission, culture, and policies of each discipline
  • Evaluate each discipline's insider threat capabilities
  • Apply team-building techniques to foster an effective multidisciplinary approach to insider threat matters
  • Implement techniques to aid team coordination and collaboration
  • Integrate techniques to manage problematic team dynamics

Delivery Method: eLearning

Length: 90 minutes

Target Audience: The target audience for this training is individuals working as Insider Threat Program Management personnel. This includes the Insider Threat Program Manager and any of those subject matter experts designated to coordinate their support of the organization’s insider threat program.


  • Clearance Requirements: N/A
  • Attendance Requirements: N/A
  • Exam Requirements: Students must pass the exam with a score of 75% or greater to receive a certificate of completion.

Reference: DOD Directive 5205.16, The DOD Insider Threat Program, and Executive Order 13587

Prerequisites: Insider Threat Awareness INT101.16 AND Establishing an Insider Threat Program for your Organization INT122.16

Credits Recommended/Earned:

System Requirements: Check if your system is configured appropriately to use STEPP.

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