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What is RSS?

RSS or Rich Site Syndication (also "Really Simple Syndication") feeds are free content feeds from websites that contain headlines, summaries and links to the full page on the website.

How do I use RSS?

Special news readers, called "RSS Readers" or "RSS Aggregators" are required for you to be able to use RSS feeds. Options for news readers are varied and include stand-alone applications, plug-ins for Firefox and Outlook, built-in applications (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari), and Web-based services.

Why use RSS?

RSS is an easy way to gather a wide variety of content in one place on your computer. Rather than having to visit many websites to find out if there is new content, the RSS aggregator shows it all to you in one screen.

How can I sign up for CDSE RSS feeds?

To subscribe to our feeds, right click on one of the links above and select "Copy Shortcut" in Internet Explorer or "Copy Link Location" in Firefox or "Copy link address" in Chrome. All news readers are a little different but look for an option that says "Add Feed" or "Import". In the resulting form, paste the copied link in the input field and save.