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March 30, 2023

Register For 2023 vDSCI

Registration is now open for the 2023 Virtual DCSA Security Conference for Industry (vDSCI) on April 26–27! This year’s conference theme “Strengthening Industrial Security”—reflects the need to provide Industry with the tools and practical application to bolster their security postures. As programs and policies receive revisions and updates, Industry must learn how it affects them. 
This idea shaped the conference, which features such topics as National Industrial Security Program (NISP) 101, Facility Clearance Process, How to Run an Effective Self-Inspection Process, Cyber Hygiene, Personnel Security, panel discussions at the end of each day, and more!  The conference is open to cleared industry under the NISP.
Find out more and register.

Upcoming April Webinar

CDSE invites you to participate in our upcoming live webinar:

Radicalization to Terrorism: Psychological Processes and Research Updates
Thursday, April 6, 2023
12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. ET

The psychology of radicalization can be described in 12 mechanisms that can move individuals, groups, and mass publics from political indifference to sympathy and support for terrorist violence. This overview synthesizes original research by Dr. Sophia Moskalenko and will allow participants a better understanding of terrorism in where it comes from and how best to respond to it.

Register for this event and join the discussion!

2022 Horizon Interactive Awards

The Center for Development of Security Excellence has won four Bronze Horizon Interactive Awards for 2022. The Horizon Interactive Awards, now in its 21st year, has become one of the most prestigious awards in the field of interactive, web design, and creative media. The competition recognizes, promotes, and awards the best websites and website design, interactive, videos, online advertising, print media, and mobile applications. Each year, the Horizon Interactive Awards receives thousands of entries from all over the world, and a volunteer panel of industry professionals, from diverse multi-media, graphic design, advertising, and marketing backgrounds, review the entries to determine the work that is to be recognized. View CDSE’s award winning products:

New Threat Lab Product Now Available!

CDSE added a new product from The Threat Lab to the Research tab of the Insider Threat toolkit. This Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF) newsletter highlights what personnel at The Threat Lab are watching, listening to, reading, and thinking about. Read the BLUF Volume 3 Issue 10.PDF icon 

March Pulse:  CDSE Security Awareness Newsletter

We recently released the CDSE Pulse, a monthly security awareness newsletter that features topics of interest to the security community. In addition, we share upcoming courses, webinars, and conferences. The March newsletter focused on “Handling Classified Information.” Check out all the newsletters in CDSE’s Electronic Library or subscribe/update your current subscription to get the newsletter sent directly to your inbox by submitting your email address to CDSE News.

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