October 12, 2017

New Cybersecurity Shorts

In support of week 2 of National Cyber Security Awareness Month which encourages building a strong culture of cybersecurity, CDSE has released two new shorts. Access both shorts.

Cybersecurity Attacks - The Insider Threat - This short addresses the types of attacks facilitated by the witting and unwitting insider and methods to mitigate the threat.

Cybersecurity: Incident Response – This short discusses the importance of and approaches to building an effective incident response capability.

Updated CI Awareness Course

Check out the new Counterintelligence (CI) Awareness and Reporting course. In this course you’ll learn to identify the threats and methods of Foreign Intelligence Entities (FIE), recognize the FIE’s use of cyber attacks, describe the insider threat, identify intelligence and security anomalies, and understand CI awareness and reporting requirements. Visit the newly updated course.

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