January 20, 2017

New Cybersecurity Video Lessons

CDSE recently launched two new Cybersecurity video lessons. The “Social Media Video Lesson” highlights the risks and concerns associated with social media. The “Ransomware Video Lesson” covers the dangers of ransomware malware and how to protect against it. Access both videos.

New Insider Threat Toolkit Tab – Vigilance Campaign

Instilling a sense of vigilance in the general workforce is a basic tenet of establishing an insider threat program. Annual awareness training is a start, but the message can diminish over time. Developing a vigilance campaign for your organization is an effective solution. Deploying regular messaging, awareness, and communication materials helps the general workforce recognize and respond to the insider threat. Visit the Insider Threat Toolkit and select the “Vigilance Campaign” tab for resources and materials to launch a campaign at your organization.

Social Media

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