This course does not have a final exam.

Description:The Cyber Awareness Challenge is developed by the Defense Information Systems Agency for the DoD Chief Information Officer. Content is based on input from the Workforce Improvement Program Advisory Council. DoD and other agencies use this course to satisfy mandatory training. It addresses the DoD 8570.01-M Information Assurance Workforce Improvement Program (WIP), 10 November 2015, incorporating Change 4, Office of Management and Budget Circular NO. A-130, and the Federal Information Security Modernization Act (FISMA) 2014. 

This version of the Cyber Awareness Challenge is available for the Intelligence Community (IC)  and includes modules that cover Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) procedures and working in a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF). The training provides enhanced guidance for online conduct and proper use of information technology by DoD personnel and offers a completely new look and feel. It begins with a message from the future describing serious vulnerabilities that were the result of certain decisions made in the present. The student is asked to help prevent these incidents by making proper cybersecurity decisions about events from the evidence provided. Through this process, the student learns proper cybersecurity practices. Students will be given the opportunity to answer questions to determine whether they want to take the knowledge check track. The knowledge check option allows users to answer random questions before each lesson, based on content from the 2018 version of the course. If all questions are answered correctly, that lesson can be bypassed, and the user will be allowed to move to the next lesson.

Course Resources: N/A

Learning Objectives:
This course discusses the following topics:

  • Malicious Code
  • Computer Use
  • Removable Media and Mobile Devices
  • Online Behavior
  • Physical Security
  • Insider Threat
  • Information Security

Delivery Method: eLearning

Length: 75 Minutes

Target Audience: Department of Defense (DoD) information system users and other U.S. Government personnel and contractors within the National Industrial Security Program


  • Clearance Requirements: N/A
  • Attendance Requirements: N/A
  • Exam Requirements: N/A

Prerequisites: N/A

Credits Recommended/Earned:

  • ACE Credit Recommendation: (What's this?) N/A
  • Continuing Education Units Per IACET: N/A
  • Professional Development Units per SPēD: 3

System Requirements: Check to check if your system is configured appropriately to use STEPP.

CDSE courses are intended for use by Department of Defense and other U.S. Government personnel and contractors within the National Industrial Security Program.