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Description This curriculum provides basic foreign disclosure and certification to Department of Army (DA) personnel entrusted with the authority to disclose classified military information to foreign governments, international organizations, and coalition partners. Students acquire the skill and knowledge that will help them understand the laws, executive orders, policies, and procedures necessary for performing the duties of a certified Army Foreign Disclosure Officer (FDO). Foreign Disclosure with allied and other friendly countries is an increasingly important part of our national security and Defense acquisition strategy. The curriculum requires the completion of the following courses and examinations:

  • U.S. Army FDO - National Disclosure Policy Course GS301.16
  • U.S. Army FDO - Controlled Unclassified Information Course GS302.16
  • U.S. Army FDO - International Visits Course GS303.16
  • U.S. Army FDO - Foreign Liaison, Personnel Exchange and CCO Course GS304.16
  • U.S. Army FDO - Program Security Documents Course GS305.16
  • U.S. Army FDO - International Agreements Course GS401.16
  • U.S. Army FDO - International Programs Course GS402.16
  • U.S. Army FDO - International Transfers Course GS403.16
  • U.S. Army FDO - NATO Course GS404
  • U.S. Army FDO – Foreign Disclosure Officer Certification Final Examination GS401.06

Delivery: Web-Based Training

Length: 23 hours

Target Audience: DA military and civilian personnel requiring certification as an Army FDO.

Clearance Requirements: None

Prerequisites: Introduction to U.S. Army Foreign Disclosure GS201.06

Requirements: Completion of all nine modules and at the end of course examination. All courses and exams must be completed with a score of 70% or better.

Number of Students Per Course: N/A

System Requirements: Internet Explorer 6.0, Flash Player 8, Internet bandwidth connection (DSL or better), Display 1024 x 768, Audio (16-bit sound card), Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0

Credit Recommendations: N/A

Note: To function as a U.S. Army command or unit FDO after completing this certification training, personnel must be officially appointed on orders in accordance with paragraph 2-10, Army Regulation (AR) 380-10, Foreign Disclosure and Contacts With Foreign Representatives.

CDSE courses are intended for use by Department of Defense and other U.S. Government personnel and contractors within the National Industrial Security Program.