Deliver Uncompromised Toolkit

Critical Technology Protection

Our national defense and strategic advantage are largely dependent upon technologies and capabilities developed and manufactured by our defense industrial base. Industry manufactures the capabilities that are placed in the hands of warfighters to defend our country.  Warfighters must have the confidence that those capabilities will do what they are supposed to do when they are employed. Today, the defense industrial base is under attack. Our adversaries are stealing vast amounts of critical technology that jeopardize our mission readiness, the safety and security of our warfighters, and the security of our citizenry. The volume of these losses is both unprecedented and unsustainable. In some areas, our adversaries have stolen technologies, improved them, and moved past us, giving them a technological edge.

Ensuring a more capable, resilient, and innovative defense requires that capabilities developed and produced by the defense industrial base are delivered to the warfighter uncompromised. The Department of Defense (DOD) enterprise and industry partners are committed to strengthening counterintelligence and security throughout the lifecycle of the acquisition process and beyond.

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