Acquisition Toolkit

DAU logoTraditionally, the acquisition process was said to be supported by three pillars: cost, schedule, and performance. We now recognize that these pillars must stand on a foundation of strong security to enable the development of uncompromised products and services critical to our nation's defense and economic well-being. We must prioritize and cultivate a culture of security by applying an intelligence-led, threat-driven, asset-focused mindset to critical technology protection. Just as acquisitions professionals will need to understand security fundamentals, security professionals must also become knowledgeable and informed about the acquisition process.

The Defense Acquisition University (DAU) and the Center for Development of Security Excellence (CDSE) are partnering to improve the acquisition community's knowledge and application of security best practices. Likewise, we are partnering to improve the security community's knowledge and understanding of the acquisition process, to include supply chain risk management and lifecycle logistics. The goal is to leverage, promote, and ensure acquisition and security professionals have access to needed training and other resources to support security as the foundation of the acquisition process.

View the links for access to training and other resources to help you understand and navigate the acquisition process.

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