Intelligence Community Acquisitions DAU-CLM060.16

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Description: The Intelligence Community Acquisitions course enables DOD personnel to describe key differences between the Intelligence Community (IC) and Department of Defense (DOD) acquisition processes and prepare DOD stakeholders of joint DOD/IC programs to support senior decision-makers’ oversight of programs in the IC acquisition process.

Course Resources: N/A

Learning Objectives: After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Identify the Intelligence Community (IC) and its key programs, acquisition roles, and references
  • Recall the names of the requirements, cost estimating, and budgeting processes within the IC and descriptions of their associated outputs
  • Describe the Intelligence Community Acquisition Model (ICAM), Program Management Plan (PMP), milestone reviews, and Milestone Decision Authority (MDA) role in the review process
  • Recall the management structure, roles, and reports related to IC acquisitions
  • Identify key differences between IC and DOD requirements, cost estimating, budgeting, and acquisition processes

Delivery Method: eLearning

Length: 3 hours

Target Audience: The target audience for the Intelligence Community Acquisitions course is members of the Intelligence Community within and outside the Department of Defense, as well as any industry partner, who wants to learn more about the subject.

Number of Student per Course: N/A


  • Clearance Requirements: N/A
  • Attendance Requirements: N/A
  • Exam Requirements: A passing score of 80% on the final exam (DAU-CLM060.06) allows students to print a certificate of successful completion. Students will be allowed to take the exams three times after completing the course.  If the student does not receive a passing score in their third attempt of the exam, the student will need to complete the course again before they may retake the exam.

Prerequisites: None

Credits Recommended/Earned:

  • ACE Credit Recommendation: (What's this?) N/A
  • Professional Development Units per SPēD: PDUs are determined by length of course and IAW with current Certification Maintenance Guidelines

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