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Newest Job Aids

INTJ0183 Human Resources and Insider Threat Programs

Receive and Maintain Your National Security Eligibility
PDF icon June 2020, 25 Pages This job aid breaks down the national security eligibility process, to include position designation, adjudicative guidelines, due process, continuous evaluation, and self-reporting.

Insider Threat Essential Body of Knowledge - Deskside Reference

Insider Threat Essential Body of Knowledge - Deskside Reference
PDF icon January 2020, 20 Pages This job aid maps counter-insider threat technical competencies and areas of expertise to CDSE training resources. These materials have been recognized as potential preparatory resources and as acceptable sources of professional development units for those maintaining certification.

020 Insider Threat Vigilance Calendar

2020 Insider Threat Vigilance Calendar
PDF icon January 2020, 25 Pages. An entire year of select insider threat posters and case study previews. CDSE offers a calendar/template for planning your annual insider threat vigilance campaign. Simply download, include links to vigilance products, and email to share within the workplace.