Information Security Job Aids
The Information Security (INFOSEC) Program establishes policies, procedures, and requirements to protect classified and controlled unclassified information (CUI) that, if disclosed, could cause damage to national security.

Marking National Security Information
PDF icon May 2024, 41 pages. This job aid provides the requirements and methods for marking classified documents and other classified materials. It address general marking requirements, marking originally classified information, marking derivatively classified information, marking special types of documents and materials, changes in markings, marking foreign government information, and marking Atomic Energy information.

Procedural Guide for Conducting Classified Conferences
PDF icon July 2023, 14 pages. This guide outlines procedures for preparing, processing, providing security, and approving requests for DOD-sponsored classified conferences. Security professionals may find this reference tool useful when they are involved in hosting/ coordinating DOD classified conferences.

DOD Unauthorized Disclosure Desk Reference
PDF icon June 2023, 2 pages. This 2-part reference provides specific details to help ensure the DOD workforce understands what an Unauthorized Disclosure is as well as when, how, and who to report them to. It also provides a quick overview of the new CUI guidelines and guidance for UDs of CUI. 

How to Respond to Unauthorized Disclosure (UD) of Classified and Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI)
PDF icon June 2023, 5 pages. This job aid provides guidance on the steps for responding to an Unauthorized Disclosure (UD) of Classified Information and Controlled Unclassified Information. It provides the specific actions that should occur from start to finish once a UD is discovered. 

Derivative Classification Training
PDF icon January 2021, 16 pages. The purpose of this job aid is to provide quick reference information for the responsibilities and procedures associated with derivative classification. This job aid also provides an overview of the approved security classification documents that assist in analyzing and evaluating information for identification of elements that require classification.

Original Classification Authority Desktop Reference
PDF icon November 2019, 9 pages. This guide outlines the steps in the original classification process that Original Classification Authorities (OCAs) must adhere to when determining classification decisions.

NOFORN/REL TO - A Quick Reference Guide to Two Dissemination Controls
PDF icon September 2018. Trifold brochure. NOFORN/REL TO - A Quick Reference Guide to Two Dissemination Controls.

Dissemination of Classified Information Within and Outside of the Executive Branch
PDF icon December 2014. Trifold brochure. Dissemination of Classified Information Within and Outside of the Executive Branch.

Seven Step Plan of Action for Writing Classification Guides
PDF icon June 2014, 11 pages. The purpose of this job aid is to provide examples and scenarios associated with guidance found in DOD Manual 5200.45, "Instructions for Developing Security Classification Guides." The job aid describes processes and decisions an Original Classification Authority (OCA) must complete when creating a Security Classification Guide (SCG).