Personnel Security Job Aids
The Personnel Security Program establishes the standards, criteria, and guidelines upon which personnel security eligibility determinations are based.

Federal Personnel Vetting (FPV) Investigative Standards 2022 Crosswalk 
PDF icon April 2024, 2 pages. This job aid provides a crosswalk between the 2012 Federal Investigative Standards (FIS) and the 2022 Federal Personnel Vetting (FPV) Investigative Standards, to include Position Designation, Transitional Standard Form (SF), and the Personnel Vetting Questionnaire (PVQ) equivalent.

Due Process Procedures for Civilian  Employees and Military Members
PDF icon July 2023, 8 pages. This Job Aid covers the role of the security professional in the National Security Appeals Process for a military or civilian subject receiving an unfavorable national security eligibility determination.

Receive and Maintain Your National Security Eligibility
PDF icon June 2023, 25 pages. This job aid breaks down the national security eligibility process, to include position designation, adjudicative guidelines, due process, continuous evaluation, and self-reporting.

Personnel Vetting Overview 
PDF icon March 2022, 2 pages. This job aid provides a broad overview of the Personnel Vetting models of National Security, Suitability/Fitness, and HSPD-12 Credentialing.

Suitability Factors Job Aid​
PDF icon March 2022, 4 pages. This Job Aid is a quick reference for those wanting to learn more information about the factors that could lead to the rejection of a candidate for service in the Department of Defense or other federal government agency.

Reporting Requirements at a Glance
PDF icon October 2020, 2 pages. This Job Aid provides information on the reporting responsibilities that are set forth in Security Executive Agent Directive 3 (SEAD 3).