Area of Expertise

Information Security Exam Weight 31%

Information Protection Principles

Release of Classified Material to Foreign Persons

Security Incidents

Classification Concepts

Classification Duration

Derivative Classification Concepts

Declassification Concepts

Classification Markings

Policies and Procedures for Handling Special Types of Information


Transmission and Transportation

Cyber and Information Security Concepts

Area of Expertise

Personnel Security Exam Weight 28%

Personnel Security Concepts and Principles

Position Sensitivity Designations

Safeguarding Personnel Records

Personnel Security Systems

Personnel Security Investigations

Personnel Security Investigative Requirements

Area of Expertise

Physical Security Exam Weight 10%

Physical Security Concepts

Facility Access Control Procedures

Physical Security Standards for Storage of Classified Information

Area of Expertise

Industrial Security Exam Weight 13%

Contracts and Contract Administration

Industrial Security Concepts

Personnel and Facility Security Clearance Under NISP

Foreign Ownership, Control, or Influence (FOCI)

Visits and Meetings

Area of Expertise

General Security Exam Weight 18%


Operations Security (OPSEC) Concepts

OPSEC Threat Analysis, Indicators, and Measures

Risk Assessment and Management

IT/IS Security Functionality and Controls

Inspections and Assessments

Protected Information Categories

Research and Technology Protection Concepts

Special Access Program Concepts

Security Briefings