Certification Maintenance

How do I maintain my SPēD certification?

To maintain an active and up-to-date SPēD certification, earn 100 Professional Development Units (PDUs) within your two-year maintenance cycle, at least 50 of which must be related to security. Follow these steps to record the PDUs you earn:

  1. Log in to My SPēD Certification (MSC) accountexternal link icon
  2. Navigate to "Enter PDU Credits" to begin you Certification Renewal Package (CRP).
  3. Determine which professional development category to use.
  4. Enter PDUs.
  5. Ensure your PDUs are in the right category.
  6. Submit your CRP once you reach 100 PDUs.

If you need additional assistance, refer to the Certification Renewal Quick Reference Guide PDF icon or our Certification Maintenance FAQs.

How do I earn PDUs?

There are several ways PDUs can be earned. Viable options include completing training courses, earning education program certificates, participating in conferences and workshops, and through professional experiences and achievements. The SPēD Program Management Office (PMO) has created a video to help familiarize certificants with the certification maintenance requirements, Certification Renewal Package (CRP), and the various options available to obtain PDUs. For questions about what constitutes as a PDU, contact your DOD SPēD Component Service Representative (CSR).

Conferred SPeD Certification/Credential Timeline