The Special Program Security Certification (SPSC) is ideal for personnel who will be or are already performing Security Officer functions for and/or on behalf of the Department of Defense Special Access Programs. Candidates must be conferred the Security Fundamentals Professional Certification (SFPC).

The SPSC assesses foundational knowledge in the following competencies:

  • Information Assurance
  • Information Security/Classification Markings
  • Personnel Security
  • Physical Security
  • Program Security
  • Risk Management
  • SAP Security

In my case, failing the SPSC assessment was a good thing. Working in a Special Access Program, we are often stove piped, but the SPSC helped me identify where I was weak, what I needed to review, and compelled me to go out and get the information I needed for self-study.

Deena Hartell

SPSC Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

The SPSC Areas of Expertise identify by topic area the courses, information, and materials available to assist you in increasing your proficiency in each of the seven security areas.