Benefits of Certification for Individuals

For Individuals

Fosters understanding of the concepts and principles deemed critical to protect the Nation's assets. Provides nationally-accredited and recognized credential transportable across the DoD, Federal Government, and Industry.

Benefits of Certification for Employers

For Employers

Provides a reference to determine an individual's understanding of the concepts and principles deemed critical to protect the Nation's assets and a source to increase workforce productivity. Identifies competent, mission-ready professionals and promotes interoperability.

Benefits of Certification for the Profession

For the Profession

Defines consistent standards which build upon professionalizing the workforce. Provides a structure for certificants to maintain competencies and assure their mission readiness.

  1. Notify your supervisor of your intent to participate in the SPēD Certification Program.
  2. Log in to (or create) your Security Training, Education, and Professionalization Portal (STEPP) account. If you have previously participated in the SPēD Certification Program, have a My SPēD Certification (MSC) account , and have tested at a Pearson VUE testing facility, skip to step 8.
  3. Edit your STEPP profile page by selecting the edit profile link located on the top right-hand navigation bar.
  4. Once on the STEPP edit profile page, scroll down to the third drop down tab and expand the "General User Information" navigation bar. Check the box next to "SPēD Certification Program" to indicate your desire to participate in the SPēD Certification Program.
    screenshot of of where you indicate your desire to participate in the SPēD Certification Program
  5. Once you check the box a message prompt will appear. Read the message and click "OK."
    sreenshot of message prompt for SPēD Certification Verification
  6. You will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours with a link and a verification code to your new MSC account. Please note: MSC is a non-DoD commercial website.
  7. Verify your MSC account information using the verification code, and create your user ID and password.
  8. Sign in to your MSC account. Under "Forms" on the left-hand navigation bar, click "Complete a Form."
  9. From the "New Forms" tab, select, complete, and submit your Assessment Request Form.
  10. If your request is approved, follow the instructions within the confirmation email.
  11. After you have scheduled your test, you will receive a confirmation email with important information for test day, including directions to the test center.

You must wait 90 days to become eligible to test if you do not achieve a passing score, cancel within 24 hours of the scheduled assessment time, or fail to show up for your scheduled assessment. After the 90 day wait period, your MSC account status will automatically change to "Eligible to Test" and enable you to schedule a new assessment through your MSC account. You will require authorization from your owning DoD Component or DoD SPēD PMO for each assessment.