The Adjudicator Professional Certification (APC) is required for all Personnel Security Adjudicators in the DoD Consolidated Adjudication Facility, DoD Intelligence Community Central Adjudication Facilities, and personnel security adjudicators employed by an agency accepted to participate in the program.

The APC assesses foundational knowledge in the following competencies:

  • Adjudicative Guidelines (concerns, disqualifying conditions, mitigating conditions)
  • Adjudication Processing using the Whole Person Concept
  • National Security and the Personnel Security Program
  • Critical Terminologies
  • Procedures for Due Process
  • Type and Scope of Investigations
  • Types of Information Sources
  • Levels of Eligibility to Occupy a Sensitive Position and/or Access to Classified Information
  • Pertinent Statutes, Executive Orders, and Regulations Governing the Personnel Security Process

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