Post-Baccalaureate Certificate for Systems and Operations ED155.PBC
Description: The CDSE Post-Baccalaureate Certificate for Systems and Operations is designed to provide Department of Defense (DOD) employees with the skills they need to integrate information technologies and DOD systems into increasingly complex security environments. This certificate is made up of four courses that facilitate an understanding of the opportunities and risks of operative information systems to the cross-disciplinary DOD security functions. Students completing this certificate will explore the Defense Acquisition Process as related to the current security environment.

To participate in the PBC Systems and Operations Certificate program, prospective students must meet the admission eligibility criteria.

Required Courses
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The CDSE Certificate for Systems and Operations Digital Badge

Students can earn a CDSE Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Digital Badge upon completing the four courses. The digital badge can be shared on your social media pages like LinkedIn or Facebook. The individual course badges confer the ACE Learning Evaluation credit recommendation.