Due Process Adjudicator Professional Credential (DPAPC)

DPAPC logoThe DPAPC provides the recognition and official record of an individual's demonstrated understanding and application of occupational and technical knowledge, skills, and expertise necessary to proficiently perform essential due process adjudicator tasks (i.e., writing statement of reasons (SOR), evaluating responses to SOR, recommending eligibility determinations or other functions following evaluation of responses to SOR).

DPAPC Competency Preparatory Tools (CPTs)

CPTs help you prepare for your SPēD certification assessment. The DPAPC CPTs PDF icon consists of a series of open-ended questions in each of the three security areas to assist you in increasing your proficiency.

DPAPC Areas of Expertise

The DPAPC assesses foundational knowledge in the following competencies:

  • Adjudication Process Using the Whole Person Concept (WPC)
  • Procedures for Due Process
  • Pertinent Statutes, Executive Orders, and Regulations Governing the Personnel Security Process