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Industrial Security & Risk Management for Operation Warp Speed Industry Partners

Job Aids

Asset Identification Guide: Quick Look PDF icon

This desktop tool explains the use of the Asset Identification Guide.

Asset Identification Guide PDF icon

While originally designed for use by cleared contractors, this is a useful guide for identifying your corporate assets.

PIEFAOS/Fish Bone Diagram PDF icon

This job aid will give you an easy way to categorize and think about the assets you need to protect.

DCSA Methods of Contact/Methods of Operation Countermeasures Matrix

DCSA provides a report to the U.S. Congress annually that details the reporting of targeting of cleared contractors by suspected foreign threats. This matrix details one year of reporting broken down by method of contact and method of operation and provides recommended countermeasures for mitigating the risk of these methods of contact and methods of operation.


8.5 x 11
17 x 22
Know the Risks
Know the Risks
8.5 x 11
17 x 22
Lady Liberty
Lady Liberty
8.5 x 11
17 x 22


CISA Critical Infrastructure Sector – Healthcare and Public Health

The Healthcare and Public Health Sector-Specific Plan details how the National Infrastructure Protection Plan risk management framework is implemented within the context of the unique characteristics and risk landscape of the sector. This website provides the sector specific plan and links to sector resources.

DSAC Critical Infrastructure Resources

This site provides valuable information about daily open source infrastructure reports, the InfraGard Program, and other resources for protecting critical infrastructure.


Security Education, Training and Awareness

This toolkit provides resources for developing your own security education program. While many of the resources are Department of Defense oriented, there are still many useful resources for uncleared companies.

Watch & Learn

Critical Program Information Security Short

This video explains critical program information and the need for enhanced protection of this type of information.

DCSA Counterintelligence Methods of Contact/Methods of Operation Countermeasures Matrix Video

This video explains the how to use the DCSA Methods of Contact/Methods of Operation Countermeasures Matrix.

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