This toolkit will quickly point you to the resources you need to help you perform your role as an Insider Threat Professional. Do you have a question about how to do something or need more information about a topic?

Review the questions below to see which category of resources will help you.

Awareness & TrainingAwareness & Training

  • I'm new to Insider Threat – how do I get started?
    • What training is available regarding indicators of insider threat behavior and methodologies of adversaries to recruit insiders?
    • What job aids are available?
    • What are the best practices I need to know about?



  • I need information about reporting insider threat issues.

Establishing a ProgramEstablishing a Program

  • I need help establishing an Insider Threat Program.
  • I need information on procedures for conducting an insider threat response action.

Cyber Insider Threat/User Activity MonitoringCyber Insider Threat

  • I need information on cyber insider threat.


Kinetic ViolanceKinetic Violence


International Military StudentsInternational Military Students