Sign Up for Insider Threat Awareness INT101.16

Option 1: Security Awareness Hub

Why take the course on the Security Awareness Hub site?

If you are an occasional user of CDSE courses (e.g. once-a-year mandatory training) we recommend that you take the course via the Security Awareness Hub website. No registration or sign-in is required. At the end of the course, answer a short questionnaire about your organization and then you will be offered an optional short survey to complete. After completing the survey, insert your name to generate a Certificate of Completion and print the document. Prior to closing the course, be sure you have printed or saved your certificate. Once you have closed the course, you will not be able to print the certificate. When you select the Insider Threat Awareness external link icon link it will open up the web page. Click on the link to Launch Course button.

NOTE: By taking the course through the Security Awareness Hub, there is no record of course completion maintained by CDSE. Students can print a Certificate of Completion at the end of the exam, but once the course is closed the student will not be able to print a Certificate of Completion.

Option 2: CDSE STEPP System

Why take the course through STEPP?

If you are a regular user of CDSE courses it is recommended that you register for the course through STEPP external link icon, particularly if this is a prerequisite course or part of a program. STEPP is the CDSE's Learning Management System portal for all its security courses. Taking the course through STEPP ensures your course completion is recorded on your student transcript. This can then be used as proof of completion for requesting ACE Credits or Continuing Education Units.