Counterintelligence: Request for Information and Suspicious Emails
The loss of U.S. defense technology puts our warfighters, economy, and Nation at risk. This illicit collection of information by our adversaries occurs on a daily basis. Frequently, this collection goes unnoticed as our adversaries are turning away from conventional methods of espionage and are using less risky and more successful approaches. As a cleared employee or a facility security officer of a defense contractor, you too could be the target of a request for information or direct request email. Report all suspicious contacts to your facility security officer, DSS CI Special Agent, or your Counterintelligence Office. Watch the video below to learn about a recent case involving illicit information collection by a foreign adversary.

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Request for Information: Unsolicited requests for information via phone, email, or in-person may be attempts to illicitly collect protected information under the guise of price quotes, marketing surveys, or other efforts. These requests are often received from unknown parties who are hesitant to reveal their affiliation and request detailed information about specific projects or programs.

Suspicious Emails/Direct Request Emails: Foreign collectors may attempt an outright purchase of sensitive technology by sending an email directly to employees. These emails may hide the identity of the end user or use other means to affect a sale that would otherwise be prohibited. Once in possession of sensitive components, they can reverse engineer the technology to enhance their military capabilities or sell it on the open market. This practice is highly profitable for the adversary as no time or money has been spent on research and development. It also endangers the warfighter and undermines the profitability of the U.S. Company that produced the technology.




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