Counterintelligence Security Shorts

The Counterintelligence (CI) Awareness Program's purpose is to make DOD and Industry Security personnel aware of their responsibility to report unusual activities or behaviors and various threats from foreign intelligence entities, other illicit collectors of US defense information, and/or terrorists.

These "shorts" are not intended for download. Please note, you will not receive a certificate of completion for watching a short.

  • CI Foreign Travel Briefing
    Assists facility security officers (FSOs) working in cleared defense contract facilities in the development of their own tailored briefs. This course provides an outline of topics, which are recommended for inclusion in a CI Foreign Travel Brief. A briefing template is included which FSOs may use, adding or subtracting information to fit their individual needs. feedback
  • Counterintelligence Concerns for National Security Adjudicators
    Provides an opportunity to practice recognition of counterintelligence concerns relevant to the performance of their job tasks and raises awareness of these issues and their importance in the context of the adjudication process. feedback
  • Critical Program Information (CPI)
    Provides security officers with an introduction to Critical Program Information (CPI) including: definition, requirement for enhanced security protection known as a Program Protection Plan (PPP), and direction to applicable supporting policies. feedback
  • Suspicious Emails
    Provides an opportunity to practice identifying what constitutes a suspicious email, while increasing awareness about the importance of reporting suspicious contacts. feedback
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