Cybersecurity is the ability to protect or defend the use of cyberspace from attacks.

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Beware of Spyware go»

Recognize the role Security Specialists play in assessing and managing the risks presented by new personal devices.

Cybersecurity Attacks - The Insider Threat go»

A Cybersecurity short that addresses the types of attacks facilitated by the witting and unwitting insider and methods to mitigate.

Cybersecurity: Incident Response go»

This short addresses the importance of and approaches to building an effective incident response capability.

Cybersecurity and the Use of New Personal Devices go»

A Cybersecurity short video designed to make security professionals aware of the threat that exists with the usage of personal electronic devices in the workplace.

Data Spills go»

This short provides the learner with guidance on how to respond to a potential data spill.

Information Assurance Briefing for Senior Operational Leadership go»

Hosted by DISA.
This informational short presents five scenarios based on problems observed during operations. You, as the senior leader, are challenged to consider how your planning, action, and response could reduce or eliminate information system vulnerabilities.

Invasion of the Wireless Hackers go»

Stop wireless hackers by answering these wireless security questions.

Mission Assurance for Senior Leaders go»

Hosted by DISA.
This informational presentation will improve senior leaders' awareness about the seriousness of cybersecurity as it relates to their actions, as well as the implications of those actions on national security, DoD information, the organization's mission, and the senior leader's various social networks (e.g. family, organization, and subordinates).

Phishing Scams go»

Phishers are looking to lure you with bogus emails and pop-ups that seem safe. Will you take the bait or live to swim another day?

Social Networking go»

Hosted by DISA.
This interactive presentation provides an introduction to social networking for Department of Defense (DoD) information system users. The presentation acknowledges the positive aspects of social networking, but also familiarizes users with some of the risks associated with social networking services, especially as military, civilian, or contractor members of the DoD.

The Case of the Cyber Criminal go»

Learn how to protect yourself and your personal information online.

Trusted Download go»

This interactive presentation offers specific guidelines based on National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual(NISPOM) requirements for trusted download and explains how to maintain an acceptable level of risk during the creation of lower-than-system-level output.


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