Cybersecurity Security Shorts

Cybersecurity is the ability to protect or defend the use of cyberspace from attacks.

These "shorts" are not intended for download. Please note, you will not receive a certificate of completion for watching a short.

  • Assured File Transfer
    This short provides guidance on the requirements for assured file transfer, including the DCSA's authorized file types and formats for assured file transfer procedures.
  • Cybersecurity and the Use of New Personal Devices
    A Cybersecurity short video designed to make security professionals aware of the threat that exists with the usage of personal electronic devices in the workplace.
  • Cybersecurity Attacks: The Insider Threat
    A Cybersecurity short that addresses the types of attacks facilitated by the witting and unwitting insider and methods to mitigate.
  • Cybersecurity: Incident Response
    This short addresses the importance of and approaches to building an effective incident response capability.
  • Data Spills
    This short provides the learner with guidance on how to respond to a potential data spill.
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