ICD 705 Physical Security Construction Requirements for SAP SA501.16

Description: This course, previously known as the SAPF Physical Security Construction Requirements course, provides the skills needed to evaluate a Special Access Program Facility (SAPF) in order to ensure it meets Intelligence Community Directives and Special Access Program policies. Although this course uses SAP terminology, it details SAPF requirements that also meet the requirements of a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF). The course consists of seven modules: 1) Physical Security Construction Requirements; 2) Doors; 3) Windows, Ducts, and Ventilation; 4) Walls, Ceilings, and Floors; 5) Instruction Detection System; 6) Telecommunications; 7) Classified Material Destruction Methods. Students will complete a Knowledge Check at the end of each module. Students can attempt to test out of the course using the link provided. If the student does not pass the pre-course practical exercise, then they must take the course. There will be a final practical exercise at the end, where students will apply the knowledge obtained from the course. Students will have unlimited attempts to pass the final PE, once the course has been completed.

Course Resources: Access this course's resources

Learning Objectives: This course is designed to enable students to:

  • Recognize Department of Defense (DOD) guidance and Intelligence Community Standards (ICS) for the construction, accreditation, and inspection of SAPFs.
  • Inspect SAPF doors for compliance with DOD physical security criteria.
  • Analyze SAPF windows, ducts, ventilation, and view ports for compliance with DOD physical security criteria.
  • Verify that SAPF ceilings, walls, and floors are compliant with DOD physical security criteria.
  • Evaluate SAPF intrusion detection systems (IDS) for compliance with DOD physical security criteria.
  • Evaluate SAPF telecommunications for compliance with DOD physical security criteria.
  • Evaluate SAPF classified destruction methods for compliance with DOD physical security criteria.

Delivery Method: eLearning

Length: 1.5 hours

Target Audience: The primary target audiences for the ICD 705 Physical Security Construction Requirements course are DOD civilian, military, and contractor personnel who work in a SAPF, SCIF, or compartmented area, to include those who are specifically responsible for the security of a SAPF/SCIF namely, the SAPF Accrediting Official (SAO).

Secondary target audiences are DOD civilian and military employees, as well as Defense contractors responsible for or involved with the application of physical security in the safeguarding and protection of DOD SAP and SCI assets.


  • General Requirements: N/A
  • Clearance Requirements: N/A
  • Attendance Requirements: N/A
  • Exam Requirements: Students must earn a passing score of 80% on the final practical exercise (SA501.16) to print a certificate of successful completion.

Prerequisites: N/A

Credits Recommended/Earned:

  • ACE Credit Recommendation: (What's this?): N/A
  • Professional Development Units per SPēD: PDUs are determined by length of course and IAW with current Certification Maintenance Guidelines

System Requirements: Check if your system is configured appropriately to use STEPP.

CDSE courses are intended for use by Department of Defense and other U.S. Government personnel and contractors within the National Industrial Security Program.