Personnel Security Shorts

The Personnel Security Program establishes the standards, criteria, and guidelines upon which personnel security eligibility determinations are based.

These "shorts" are not intended for download. Please note, you will not receive a certificate of completion for watching a short.

  • Adverse Information Reporting
    Provides information regarding adverse information reporting responsibilities. The short provides the opportunity to evaluate information and behaviors to determine if an incident report is appropriate, and identifies when and how adverse information should be reported. feedback
  • Continuous Evaluation Awareness
    Provides information regarding the Continuous Evaluation investigative process set forth in Security Executive Agent Directive 6 (SEAD 6). This short will show how CE assists in mitigating the risk posed by insiders, who look to harm the United States, by identifying security-relevant information earlier and more often than the current reinvestigation cycles. feedback
  • Counterintelligence Concerns for Adjudicators
    Provides an opportunity to practice recognition of counterintelligence concerns relevant to the performance of their job tasks and raises awareness of these issues and their importance in the context of the adjudication process
  • Personnel Vetting At A Glance
    Provides a broad overview of the Personnel Vetting models of National Security, Suitability/Fitness, and HSPD-12 Credentialing reporting responsibilities that are set forth in multiple Security Executive Agent Directives and Executive Orders.
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