New Insider Threat Job Aid – CDSE LinkedIn – New NAESOC Webinar – Education Class Registration
December 22, 2022

New Insider Threat Job Aid

CDSE recently released the 2023 Insider Threat Vigilance Campaign job aid. The job aid promotes a different vigilance theme each month. CDSE will provide awareness materials relevant to each monthly theme to be shared with your workforce. Use the job aid to jump-start your 2023 annual vigilance campaign or tailor it to your organization using resources from our Insider Threat Toolkit Vigilance Tab.

CDSE LinkedIn

Did you know that CDSE is now on LinkedIn? Follow our profile for real-time information on professional development opportunities such as courses, webinars, and events!

New Webcast Now Available

The Center for Development of Security Excellence (CDSE) has a new recorded webinar "Tips for Setting Up Your Access Elsewhere Security Program Webcast," featuring National Access Elsewhere Security Oversight Center (NAESOC) Help Desk Security Researchers. In this webcast researchers answer questions sent in by Facility Security Officers (FSOs), identifying and providing training resources to help FSOs set up and manage their Industrial Security Programs. View the webcast.

Register For Spring Education Classes

Register now for the spring semester of CDSE Education classes that run from January 23 to May 21, 2023. The CDSE Education Program offers:

  • Tuition-free, flexible and 100% virtual instructor-led courses
  • Real-world practical assignments
  • Virtual networking with professionals throughout the security community
  • Five Security Education Certificate programs\
  • Highly qualified instructors 

You can learn more about the available classes visit the Education Courses page. To register, log into STEPP. If you have any questions, or need additional information, contact the CDSE Education Program at:

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