New Industrial and Information Security Job Aids – New SAP Game
February 16, 2021

Now Available: 32 CFR Part 117 NISPOM Cross Reference Tool

CDSE has released a new tool to help personnel cross-reference the current National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM) changes in numeric schema with the new NISPOM published as a Federal Rule, 32 CFR Part 117, “National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM).” This is a one way tool that uses the current numbering format to find the appropriate location within the Federal Rule. Access the tool here.

New Information Security Job Aid

The new Derivative Classification Training job aid is now available. The purpose of this job aid is to provide quick reference information for the responsibilities and procedures associated with the derivative classification. It also provides an overview of the approved security classification documents that assist in analyzing and evaluating information for elements that require classification. Check it out now!

New SAP Game Released

The Special Access Program (SAP) Hidden Objects Security Awareness game was recently released. In this educational game, users will explore a secure office space to find and identify objects related to physical security. Test your knowledge today!

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