How do I establish my preferences?

You can modify the settings stored for you, such as your time zone and favorite shortcuts. Other options for the homepage are also available.

To update your preferences:

  1. Click the Quick Links tab on the left of the page.
  2. Select edit preferences.
  3. Modify your preferences as necessary.
  4. Click OK.


Favorites are shortcut links that you can create to quickly access your training information. You can create favorite links for categories and learning activities.

Access your favorites by clicking appropriate links from the Favorites section of the homepage shortcuts. The favorites listed on the Collaboration Center page represent your favorite collaboration centers.

You can add categories that you use on a regular basis to your favorites list.

To add catalog items to your favorites list:

  1. From the Learn menu, click Catalog.
  2. Click a category or sub-category.
  3. Click Add category to favorites.

You may want to delete items from your list of favorites if you no longer use them on a regular basis.

To delete favorites:

  1. From the Learn menu, click Favorites.
  2. Select the check box associated with the favorite item you are removing.
  3. Click Delete.
  4. Click OK.