How to Access CDSE Webinars

CDSE Webinars on

  1. Who may attend a CDSE Webinar?
    Most CDSE webinars are open to any civilian, military, or industry personnel with an interest in DOD-related security issues and concerns.
  2. What platform is used to host CDSE Webinars?
    CDSE webinars are hosted exclusively on the CDSE Adobe Connect online virtual platform.
  3. Will I receive a certificate?
    Yes. Approximately one week after the event, participants who logged into the live webinar may use their email address and password created during registration to log into and download a certificate.
  4. How will I know I am registered?
    You will receive an email confirmation once your registration request has been completed.
  5. When will I receive the link to the webinar?
    You will receive a reminder email with additional webinar information 18 hours prior to the event. Registered users may also use the login button that is typically found at the bottom of the event webpage.
  6. How do I access a CDSE recorded webinar with a downloadable CDSE Certificate of Training?
    After you register for a CDSE recorded webinar with a downloadable CDSE Certificate of Training, log into using your email address and password you used for registration.
  7. What if I forget my password?
    If you forget your password at any time, there is a link to reset it on the registration page and on the homepage.
  8. What will I need to access the webinar?
    You will need a computer or mobile device, Internet connection, and the email and password you used during registration. You may also need a telephone depending on your audio preference.

    You will receive the direct link to the conference in a reminder email closer to the event.

    A registered user may also use the login button for registered users that is typically found at the bottom of the event webpage.
  9. What are the system requirements?
    You can access the virtual event from any computer as long as you have an Internet connection and a current HTML5 browser. Alternatively, you may access the event with the Adobe Connect Meeting Application, or any mobile device with an Internet connection and the mobile device Adobe Connect app. For more detailed information about the Adobe Connect meeting application, see the Adobe Connect Visual Quick Start Guide PDF icon or the Adobe Connect Getting Started page.

    The Adobe Connect meeting application for desktop and/or mobile device maybe found at:

    We have setup a test Adobe Connect room that is an actual virtual room on the CDSE Adobe Connect platform. To test your connection, copy and paste the URL below into your browser:

    Enter your name into the Guest box, select “Enter Room,” review the Terms of Use, and select “OK.”
    Select either: Open in browser (HTML) or Open in Application (Adobe Connect app).

    You may test your system connection in various browsers.
  10. What are the video and audio requirements?
    In order to accommodate various audience participation and bandwidth concerns, audio for the event will be available through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and a separate phone conferencing service.

    For VoIP, you will be listening through your computer or mobile device speakers. Remember to unmute and adjust your computer or mobile device speaker volume accordingly. If you experience technical issues with VoIP, please use the separate phone conferencing service.
    For phone conferencing service, simply dial the conference number available from the virtual room and enter the participant code when prompted.  To receive a CDSE Certificate, you must log into the live webinar session. Audio attendance is not tracked.
  11. What tips will maximize the webinar connection performance?
    While not always necessary, the following are some tips for maximizing the webinar connection performance:
    • Closing all other open applications
    • Disabling popup blocking
    • Clearing the Internet browser's cache
  12. Can I receive Professional Development Units/Continuing Education Units (PDUs/CEUs) for attending this event?
    Participants who have Security Professional Education Development (SPēD) certifications may earn PDUs/CEUs for attending the webinar.  Please refer to the "Conference/Workshop" category within the Certification Renewal Form (CRF) on what information to provide. The certificate of attendance can be used as supporting documentation.
  13. May I participate as a group in a large conference room and receive a certificate?

    To receive a certificate, you must register for the event even if you plan to participate as group.