Unity 3D Plug-in Technical Issues/Error Messages

How do I ensure the Unity Web Play Plugin is installed?

  1. Navigate to https://unity3d.com/webplayer to display the installed version of the Unity Web Player plugin or indication if the plugin is not recognized. The latest version is 5.3.6f1 (as of 03/15/16). Visit the link above to download the Unity Web Player if necessary.
  2. Check for the component software on the computer using the guidance below.

    On a PC, the Web Player installer connects only the Plugin component. When the system first calls the Web Player plugin to play content, the system retrieves the Player and Mono components on demand. As a result, installing the Web Player plugin, while disconnecting from the Internet, will leave the plugin unable to retrieve these two critical components. This can result in a failure message.

    These two components are installed by default to C:\Users\{you}\AppData\LocalLow\Unity\WebPlayer, where {you} is your username. When checking this folder structure, up to three subfolders may display.
    The content of the loader folder is the plugin itself. If the plugin has not been in use, then the user will not see folders named mono and player.

    Note: If the installer was run from a command prompt and given the /AllUsersflag, the Web Player plugin installs in C:\Program Files\. "Administrative" rights are necessary to perform this task.