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Date: Thursday, May 23, 2013

Description: This webinar will explain and demonstrate how level 2 through 6 users can in/out-process and grant access within JCAVS, a subsection of JPAS. A general knowledge of JPAS by participants is helpful.

Length: 30 minutes

Target Audience: JPAS users

System Requirements: CDSE Webinars on CDSE.AdobeConnect.com

Notes: For the webinar slides and handouts, select the following:
PDF icon Webinar slides
PDF icon "Checklist Accesses Debriefing"
PDF icon "Checklist Accesses Indoctrinating Non-SCI"
PDF icon "Checklist In/Out Process Link"
PDF icon "Checklist In-Process Categories Person Summary Screen"

POC: The DSS email address shown within this recorded webinar has changed. Please contact dcsa.cdsetraining@mail.mil with questions or comments.

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