December 11, 2015

New Unauthorized Disclosure Of Classified Information Refresher Course

CDSE is pleased to announce the release of the Unauthorized Disclosure Refresher course (IF135.16).  This 60 minute eLearning course refreshes students’ understanding of the importance of preventing the unauthorized disclosure (UD) of classified information and controlled unclassified information (CUI).  It reviews the types, misconceptions, impacts, employee responsibilities for handling and protecting classified information and CUI, and reporting requirements for UD.  The target audience includes Department of Defense (DoD) civilian, military, and contractor personnel. 

More importantly, the course supports the DoD goal to prevent unintentional UD events and deter intentional and/or willful UD events.  Military, government civilian, and contractor personnel granted access to classified information and/or CUI must assume personal responsibility for safeguarding the information from being disclosed to unauthorized individuals.  Individuals must also recognize the potential damage caused by UD and consequently the penalties and sanctions for UD actions.  Individuals must also be familiar with procedures for reporting UD incidents.  This course reinforces these concepts and helps ensure they are incorporated into organizational security and education training programs.

Register today for Unauthorized Disclosure Refresher (IF135.16).  As a reminder, students must also register for, and successfully pass, the accompanying Final Exam (IF135.06) to receive a certificate of  training for the course.  The course is also available on CDSE’s Open eLearning site

Note:  CDSE does not maintain records of courses completed on the Open eLearning site.

OPSEC Fundamentals eLearning Course

Are you a member of DoD, a manager, working group member, or an OPSEC coordinator supporting an OPSEC program who requires knowledge of the process but will not be asked to perform analysis?  If the answer is yes, register for the OPSEC Fundamentals course.  This four hour eLearning course provides a basic working knowledge of Operations Security (OPSEC) and how it applies to Department of Defense (DoD) agencies, components, and contractors.  The course focuses on the history of OPSEC and the process as described in NSDD-298.  Students choose scenarios that allow them to practice OPSEC in different environments.  Register for the course.