April 3, 2015

Sign Up For the Cybersecurity Webinar – 9 April

The Center for Development of Security Excellence (CDSE) invites you to participate in our Cybersecurity “NISP C&A Process and OBMS” webinar. CDSE webinars address topics and issues of interest to defense security professionals. Each webinar is 30 minutes long. Sign up for the webinar you are interested in to receive access information. Sign up for the webinar. Additional information about CDSE webinars is also available at this site. Access instructions will be sent via the registration confirmation email.

NISP C&A Process and OBMS
Thursday, April 9, 2015
11:30pm Eastern Standard Time
  2:30pm Eastern Standard Time

Description The Certification and Accreditation (C&A) process is an integral part of Information Systems Security Manager (ISSM) responsibilities. This presentation discusses the process as it relates to industry, as well as how to maintain the accredited security posture throughout system lifecycle.

CDSE Releases Two New Information Security Job Aids

CDSE is happy to announce the release of two new job aids: "Initial Security Briefing" and "Basic Guide to Information Security." The two new job aids were developed as a result of inquiries and requests for similar products from security professionals throughout the DoD security community.  "Initial Security Briefing" provides DoD security managers with a customizable job aid they can use when conducting initial security briefings for newly-assigned personnel. The target audience includes cleared DoD civilian and military personnel. The "Basic Guide to Information Security" provides simple and direct guidance and procedures for safeguarding classified information. The target audience is cleared DoD and contractor personnel who are not security specialists, but may be assigned security-related duties at their organization. Access both job aids.

Register Now For Upcoming Training

Seats are available for the following Center for Development of Security Excellence (CDSE) class:

"Getting Started Seminar for New FSOs," May 4 – 5, 2015 (Orlando, FL):

Due to the expansion of the Counterintelligence block, this course is now extended to two full days. To register for this seminar, students must first take the prerequisite course "FSO Role in the NISP."