Pending/Waiting Lists

I registered for a class and received notification that I am on a waiting list pending approval. What does that mean?

This means your registration cannot be finalized until a CDSE or an organizational official approves your attendance in the class.

How do I check my approval status for an upcoming class?

In STEPP, select Learn > Training Schedule. From the View drop-down menu, select Waiting List or Pending Approval. This will display your approval status.

You can change your preferences to show both active and wait listed classes on your homepage by selecting Change My Preferences, checking any of the display options, and selecting OK. Select the home icon at the top of the page. Your homepage should reflect the changes.

Where am I on the class waiting list and when will I know if I am enrolled in the class?

Your wait list status is determined by when you registered for the class, the maximum number of students who can attend, and whether your attendance in the class is approved. You will receive an email confirming your registration when you are moved from the waiting list to the class roster, and the class will appear in your STEPP account under In-Progress Training.

Can I add my name to multiple waiting lists for the same class?


You can only be on one waiting list, per course, at a time. Once you are on the waiting list, the RO will notify you if you are either, accepted into the class, or that you could not be added to the class and that you should register for the next iteration of the class being offered.