Reference Materials

I opened an online final exam and forgot to print reference material.

Once an exam is started, you cannot refresh the screen or bookmark it to finish later.

  1. If the online exam includes print capability, print the exam.
  2. Go back to the Course Web Page (where you first started the exam), and print off Step 2 (Exam Reference Materials).
  3. Open the exam area again and, using the printed exam, remark your answers, finish the test, and submit.

How do I find a point of contact for a specific security area?

Contact the Registrar's Office describing the specific information you are requesting. Your request will be forwarded to the appropriate authority for response.

I'm looking for a student guide.

The CDSE Student Guides is available as a Reference in STEPP's activities. Course code for this guide is CDSE100.REF. You can use this activity's information to prepare for exams.

To access the Student Guides:

  1. Log in to STEPP.
  2. Under Learn, select Catalog.
  3. Under Course References, select Student Guides.
  4. CDSE Student Guides, CDSE100.REF, will display. Click this Document and select Start. All student guides are located under this course code.

When you close CDSE Student Guides, it will ask you if you have completed the activity. Select No to keep it open for future reference. If you select Yes, you will need to re-register to access the activity again.

Guides are only available for courses listed within this resource.