SPIPC is a measurement of your ability to understand and apply risk assessment and security program management based on security concepts, principles, and practices. The areas of expertise specified in the following charts were identified during the practice analyses as critical domains that should be addressed by the SPIPC. The weights indicated were derived from importance ratings provided by SMEs during the development process.

Area of Expertise

Risk Assessment Exam Weight 41%

Risk Management Benefits & Costs

Role of Security Management, Administration, & Operations in Managing Risks to DoD Assets

Risk Assessment Concepts & Principles

Sources of Threat & Vulnerability Information

Area of Expertise

Risk Management Exam Weight 32%

Risk Management Concepts & Principles

Strategies for Controlling and/or Managing Risks

Approaches for Evaluating Options for Controlling and/or Managing Risks

Area of Expertise

Program and Mission Assurance Exam Weight 18%

Approaches & Criteria for Evaluating Effectiveness of Security Policies, Plan, & Program Activities

Essential Functions of a Security Program

Regulatory Basis for Functional Activities Associated with a Comprehensive Security Program

Area of Expertise

Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution Exam Weight 9%

Planning, Programming, Budgeting, & Execution Process, Concepts. & Principles