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The Defense Security Service (DSS) is committed to supporting the Department of Defense (DoD) and its Components in promoting the SPēD Certification Program.

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PDF What is the SPēD Certification Program?

PDF Industrial Security Oversight Certification (ISOC)

PDF Physical Security Certification (PSC)

PDF Special Program Security Certification (SPSC)

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SPēD Videos and Presentations

The video clips and Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations described in the tables below are provided to inform you and your organization about the SPēD certification program and its benefits. Preview each of these elements and determine how they may support your efforts.

  1. You have permission to modify and, if needed, combine the PowerPoint presentations to reflect organizational branding and include component-specific information. Each frame includes presenter notes guiding and supplementing the presentation. Please modify this information, if needed, to fit your needs.
  2. When delivering a briefing, please display the videos using Microsoft Windows® Media Player® and play them separately from the PowerPoint presentation. It is suggested to preface all SPēD presentations with the video featuring Mr. Sims. Include Ms. Humphrey's video when presenting the Program Overview presentation. Play her clip after playing the Mr. Sims video and before the Program Overview PowerPoint presentation.
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Mr. Stan Sims (Director, DSS)
"Security is a growth industry."
00:03:13 At the first SPēD SFPC Conferral Ceremony held on April 1, 2011, Mr. Sims discussed the importance of the SPēD certification program to promoting our nation's security through personal and organizational development.
PDF Video Transcript
It is suggested to preface all SPēD Presentations.
Ms. Denise Humphrey (Deputy Director, CDSE)
"Here we are today with a certification program."

2 mins, 5 secs
00:02:05 At the first SPēD SFPC Conferral Ceremony held on April 1, 2011, Ms. Humphrey provided a historical view of the SPēD program development, discussed certification program objectives, and explained that SPēD program development is a cooperative effort across all DoD organizations.
PDF Video Transcript
Use with the Program Overview. Play after the Mr. Sims video and before the Program Overview.
SPēD Certification Mapping Workshop Introductions 00:05:30 Provides an overview of the SPēD Certification Program mapping process, lessons learned, and resources available to assist Components. N/A
The LEAD Process 01:27:34
Lessons Learned 00:55:11
Closing Comments 00:08:31

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PowerPoint icon Executive Overview Provides a high-level summary of the SPēD Certification Program development and implementation outlines roles and responsibilities, and the various program certifications. 9–10

Use these elements, singularly or in combination, to tailor a presentation focusing on your audience's needs. You have permission to modify and supplement the screen content and presenter notes with component-specific information.

SPēD Certification Program Candidate Handbook PDF

The SPēD Certification Program Candidate Handbook provides candidates with an overview of the SPēD Certification Program, including benefits and objectives. This Certification Handbook contains information regarding Security Fundamentals Professional Certification (SFPC), Security Asset Protection Professional Certification (SAPPC), and the Security Program Integration Professional Certification (SPIPC) eligibility, registration, and assessment.

Policy Guidance

PDF DoD Manual 3305.13-M, DoD Security Accreditation and Certification, March 14, 2011

PDF DODI 3115.11 DoD Intelligence Human Capital Management Operations, January 22, 2009

PDF ICD 610 Competency Directories for the Intelligence Community Workforce, as revised

PDF ICD 652 Occupational Structure for the Intelligence Community Civilian Workforce, April 28, 2008

PDF DoDI 3305.13, DoD Security Training, February 13, 2014

PDF DoD Directive 5143.01, Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence (USD(I)), November 23, 2005

PDF Security Professional Education Development (SPēD) Certification Program Implementation Plan, June 2013 UPDATED