As a cleared individual, you have an obligation to protect classified information. Failure to do so can result in damage to national security and the warfighter. There are approved channels to report fraud, waste or other abuse through existing whistle blower or inspector general channels. There are also approved channels for the release and review of DOD information.

This toolkit will help you learn the difference, where and how to report both unauthorized disclosure and questionable government behavior and activities, and more. Unauthorized disclosure is not whistleblowing, it’s a crime. Click the links below to:

  • Learn more about your responsibilities for safeguarding classified information
  • Locate relevant policies and guidance
  • Discover awareness materials
  • Learn about prepublication procedures
  • Appropriately report both unauthorized disclosure and questionable activities
  • Properly respond to unauthorized disclosure events.

For even more resources access the Insider Threat and Information Security Toolkits.

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