• National Security Adjudications
  • Suitability/Fitness Adjudications
  • HSPD-12 Credentialing Determinations
  • Recommended Professional Development Courses
  • What kinds of courses will enhance my professional development?

Note: The courses listed below are suggestions only. Please check with the appropriate authority to ensure a specific course will count towards your professional development.

CDSE Courses

Other Agency Courses

Courses from The Graduate School , such as:

  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Basic Project Management (GS Classic)
  • Business Law and Practices
  • Clear Writing through Critical Thinking
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Criminal Law
  • Family Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Leadership Skills for Non-Supervisors
  • Personnel Security and Suitability Adjudication
  • Practical Writing (GS Classic)
  • Put It in Writing (GS Classic)
  • Suitability Adjudication
  • Time Management
  • Writing Reports and Other Workplace Documents (GS Classic)
  • Writing Sentences and Paragraphs Effectively
  • Writing Short Informational Reports

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