The Personnel Security Program establishes the standards, criteria, and guidelines upon which personnel security eligibility determinations are based.

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Adverse Information Reporting go»

Provides information regarding adverse information reporting responsibilities. The short provides the opportunity to evaluate information and behaviors to determine if an incident report is appropriate, and identifies when and how adverse information should be reported. feedback

The 13 Adjudicative Guidelines

Explains how to perform the role of a personnel security adjudicator through a series of short format courses, each individually addressing one of the 13 Adjudicative Guidelines. Participants will make adjudicative eligibility determinations in 13 adjudicative guideline based scenarios by examining the concern, disqualifying conditions, and mitigating conditions of each guideline. They are provided feedback regarding their decisions. feedback

  1. Adjudicative Guideline A: Allegiance to the United States go »
  2. Adjudicative Guideline B: Foreign Influence go »
  3. Adjudicative Guideline C: Foreign Preference go »
  4. Adjudicative Guideline D: Sexual Behavior go »
  5. Adjudicative Guideline E: Personal Conduct go »
  6. Adjudicative Guideline F: Financial Considerations go »
  7. Adjudicative Guideline G: Alcohol Consumption go »
  8. Adjudicative Guideline H: Drug Involvement and Substance Misuse go »
  9. Adjudicative Guideline I: Psychological Conditions go »
  10. Adjudicative Guideline J: Criminal Conduct go »
  11. Adjudicative Guideline K: Handling Protected Information go »
  12. Adjudicative Guideline L: Outside Activities go »
  13. Adjudicative Guideline M: Use of Information Technology go »

The Revised Federal Investigative Standards go »

Provides a high-level overview of the revised Federal Investigative Standards (FIS). This short introduces the new, five-tiered investigative model and FIS phased implementation. feedback


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