The Industrial Security Program is a multi-disciplinary security program focused on the protection of classified information developed by or entrusted to U.S. industry operating under the National Industrial Security Program (NISP).

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Business Structures — KMP: To Clear or Not to Clear

Provides an opportunity to practice identifying Key Management Personnel (KMPs) in several different business structures. feedback

The DGR Role and Responsibilities

Identifies the role and responsibilities of the Designated Government Representative. This short does NOT meet the required formal training requirement to be granted DGR authority by DSS. feedback

Foreign Ownership, Control or Influence (FOCI)

Provides a high-level FOCI overview for both government and industry audiences. This Short addresses FOCI issues as they relate to security, acquisition, and industry. It also serves as an excellent tool for Facility Security Officers (FSOs) who have never experienced FOCI, but have recently been through a foreign acquisition. feedback

Industrial Security for Senior Management

Provides senior management at cleared contractor facilities a basic understanding of the important role they play in the success of their security program. The short takes a brief look at the Facility Security Clearance (FCL) process, the importance of the Facility Security Officer (FSO) position and the role of the Senior Manager. feedback

International Visit Requests

Provides industry personnel with a high-level overview of the international visit request process. This Short addresses timelines for processing visits, types of visit requests (including visit request forms), and common reasons for rejecting visit requests. feedback

National Interest Determinations (NID) Process

Provides a high-level overview of the National Interest Determinations (NID) process. It explains what a NID is, when a NID is required, and who is responsible for preparing and identifying the need for the

Procuring GSA Approved Containers

Delivers guidance on procuring new and/or used GSA security containers for the protection of classified information. In addition, includes best practices and a useful job aid that can be printed for future

You're a new FSO: Now What?

Introduces the CDSE Facility Security Officer (FSO) program (minimum of 13 eLearning courses required for all FSOs). Provides newly appointed FSOs a high-level overview of their responsibilities and guides them to essential resources. feedback


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