These one page case studies reinforce the adverse effects of the Insider Threat and are suitable for printing or easy placement in a company or command newsletter, email, or training bulletin.

 Charles EcclestonCharles Eccleston PDF icon
April 2016

Jason NeedhamJason Needham PDF icon
April 2020

Kevin Patrick Mallory Kevin Patrick Mallory
PDF icon April 2019, 1 page

 Kun ChunKun Chun PDF icon
August 2016, 2 pages

Jiaqiang XuJiaqiang Xu PDF icon
May 2018

Gregory JusticeGregory Justice PDF icon
February 2018

 Robert MoRobert Mo PDF icon
April 2016

 Walter LiewWalter Liew PDF icon
October 2015

 Wen Chyu LiuWen Chyu Liu PDF icon
October 2015

Insider Threat Case Study - Yuan LiYuan Li PDF icon
July 2015

Stewart David NozetteStewart David Nozette PDF icon
October 2019

 Hannah RobertHannah Robert PDF icon
August 2016

 Mozaffar KhazeeMozaffar Khazee PDF icon
April 2017

Insider Threat Case Study - Harold Martin IIIHarold Martin III PDF icon
October 2019

 John BeliveauJohn Beliveau PDF icon
November 2016

Jason NeedhamEdward Lin PDF icon
December 2017

CI Case Study: Night Vision Devices Reynaldo Regis PDF icon
June 2019

Unauthorized Disclosure Case Study: Shamai LeibowitzShamai Leibowitz PDF icon
June 2020

Unauthorized Disclosure (UD) Case Study: Benjamin Bishop Benjamin Bishop PDF icon
March 2017

Unauthorized Disclosure (UD) Case Study: Bryan Martin Bryan Martin PDF icon
July 2016

Unauthorized Disclosure (UD) Case Study: Gary Maziarz Gary Maziarz PDF icon
June 2016