January 31, 2020

New Special Access Program Crossword Puzzles

Are you looking for a way to test your knowledge of Special Access Programs (SAP)? Complete both of CDSE’s new SAP puzzles, “Introduction to SAP” and SAP Operations Security (OPSEC) and Information Assurance (IA). Access the new security awareness games under the “Special Access Programs” section here.

Newly Archived Speaker Series

Did you miss our January Insider Threat webinar, “Personal Resilience and Insider Threat: Hardening the Target?” No problem! Access the webinar in our archive. under Insider Threat:

View the webinar discussion on Insider Threat programs promoting personal resilience to mitigate risks associated with insider threats.

Check out all of our Speaker Series and webinars on the following webpages: On Demand Webinars (includes a CDSE Certificate of Training) and Previously Recorded Webinars (does not include a certificate).

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