July 31, 2019

August Speaker Series

CDSE invites you to participate in our upcoming Speaker Series:

Privacy and Civil Liberties in Insider Threat
Thursday, August 8, 2019
12:00 P.M. - 1:00 P.M. ET

This insider threat webinar will address the importance of civil liberties, privacy laws, regulations, and policies and will expand on the practical side of their application.

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Getting Started Seminar for New FSOs

CDSE invites you to join us this upcoming course:

-  Sep 3 – 4, 2019 in Linthicum, MD (instructor-led and virtual)

This course is open to FSOs and Assistant FSOs (AFSOs), Security Specialists, and anyone employed in the security environment (such as Human Resources, Administrative Assistants, Program Managers, and Military Members exiting the various Armed Services). Due to the expansion of the counterintelligence block, this course is 2 full days. A prerequisite course titled “FSO Role in the NISP” is required for seminar registration and must have been completed afterNov. 23, 2015. A visit request must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the start of the class.

Come join us, we look forward to seeing you there!

September Is Now Insider Threat Awareness Month

CDSE collaborated across the Federal Government to create the first ever Insider Threat Awareness Month.  National Insider Threat Awareness Month has been officially declared for September 2019!  CDSE continues to coordinate with the National Insider Threat Task Force, National Counterintelligence and Security Center, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Bureau of Investigation, DoD Insider Threat Management and Analysis Center and other members of the community to organize this inaugural event. Mr. William Evanina, the Director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center, signed a letter on July 24 introducing Insider Threat Awareness Month. 

CDSE has released a “2019 Insider Threat Awareness Month Messaging Champion Communications Packet” which outlines actions, activities, messages and available resources and to help your organization develop a plan to participate in this inaugural event. Access the packet and our “Concerning Behavior” poster for the campaign.

SPēD Accounts Migrating From STEPP to MSC

The Security Professional Education Development (SPēD) Certification Program will migrate account creation and profile management from Security Training, Education, and Professionalization (STEPP) to My SPēD Certification (MSC). On this platform, users will immediately receive an electronic certificate and digital badge after passing their assessment, which they can share across social media including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. MSC will be the only location for new and existing account creations.

Current MSC users: The migration will not affect profiles already created in MSC. You will be required to update your profile and complete several new data fields of information upon log in.

CDSE will send reminders and updates as necessary. Please continue to monitor (www.cdse.edu) and subscribe for email updates.

New Insider Threat Security Training Video

CDSE recently released a new security training video, “Behavioral Indicators of an Active Shooter.”  The video concerns a real-life example of an insider displaying concerning behavioral indicators.  This individual would eventually carry out a grave act of kinetic violence.  Access the video.

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