June 5, 2019

Register Now For 2019 DOD Virtual Security Conference

Registration is now open for the 2019 DoD Virtual Security Conference on July 24! This conference will focus on Collaboration and Integration for the Changing Face of Security. This includes, but not limited to, Trusted Workforce 2.0, DSS’s Role in the Changing Security Environment, Insider Threat, Operationalizing OPSEC, and more. The conference is open to .gov and .mil email holders.

Find out more and register.

Don’t Miss Tomorrow’s DSS In Transition (DiT) Webinar

There is still time sign up for tomorrow’s sixth and final installment of the DiT webinar series, "Active Monitoring." This is the last of six planned webinars in a series designed to increase industry partner awareness and understanding of the DSS in Transition methodology and their role in it.

Active Monitoring
Thursday, June 6, 2019
Register here!

If you missed any of our previous five DiT webinars, "Overview of the DSS in Transition Methodology," "Evolution of the FSO Role," "Asset Identification and Your Security Baseline," "What's Different About My Security Review Now” and “Creating a Tailored Security Plan," you can find them all here under Previously Recorded Webinars.

New Certification Renewal Form Coming Soon!

The Security Professional Education Development (SPēD) Certification Program is in the process of making updates to the Certification Renewal Form to provide a more easily accessible and user-friendly platform. Stay tuned!

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